serendipitousthaumaturge asked:

I saw your videos because ENB mentioned you in one of his vids, and I must say I enjoy the content you create.

Quelaag Answer:

Thank you dude! :3 I need to get back on that horse soon. Once I move. And stop dying!

baybeydwagon replied to your video
Its 4 in the morning and i cant sleep and silent hill music soothes me.

Carl “I got to wake up hella early for school” 

Me “I’m falling asleep while playing final fantasy with estus and tom”

here we are

trying to go to bed to the sounds of murder death coyotes outside of my window. 

Anonymous asked:

yur blog is shit kill urself

Quelaag Answer:




what they really mean is that you are THE shit and he/she/it deeply wants you and your blog inside of them, and help them squeeze the asshole out of them with your warm hugs

Delia!!! Can we hang out soon?

I got so many weird ass anons tonight and I just wanted to say: even if were mutuals or friends or whatever and you wanna unfollow my blog it’s totally okay!!! I won’t get upset!! I hope all of you guys are doing okay tonight. \o/